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Tatu 40

A Century of Facts in A Centuryish of Days - 47

Posted on 2007.12.30 at 14:57
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Fact 47: At Christmas our custard went missing.

Not particuarly interesting but let me illuminate this mystery for you. That morning we'd been to the shops and forgot to buy any custard. We noticed that one can still remained and so vowed not to use that that night but save it for the following day when it would be Christmas. From that point on nobody went in that cupboard and the doors were locked. Not the cupboard doors, that would be excessive, but the house doors thus meaning that no custard thieves had access to the house. The following day when custard was required it was gone.

Furthermore I had a shower after coming back from the shops (on the day that the custard was there) and afterwards I went downstairs and talked to my nan who claimed that I'd already been down once and said hello, when I hadn't. I've thought about this long and hard and the only way that this makes sense is if I somehow in the future gain the power to travel through time, like Hiro or something, and go back to that day, say hello to my nan and take the custard. As soon as I manage this I'll let you all know.

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