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Heroes - Eclipse

A Century of Facts In A Centuryish of Days - 46

Posted on 2007.12.29 at 18:29
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Fact 46: I have just got Heroes on DVD.

So what that it isn't a deep and meaningful fact about how my brain works or all that kind of rubbish. It's still a fact. Well erase the word just and it's a fact. I got it this morning and have watched an episode since which hardly makes it seem like I have just this minute obtained it, possibly having found it in an otherwise unexplored nook of my bedroom. Who knows what DVDs from the distant future may lie in this dark space if only I had the courage to go searching in it. Perhaps future series of Heroes and Lost and so on.

Anyway that didn't happen so I doubt that there are DVDs of things that haven't happened yet just lying around my room. Although you can never be sure. I'll go check to make certain. It wouldn't be the first occurance of possible time travel this week although I'll put that as tomorrows fact. Tune in tomorrow to find out more!

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