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Tatu 7

In desperation I revive another feature

Posted on 2007.12.23 at 19:48
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Okay so in all probability I've probably not had a month where I update livejournal every day and so I'm attempting to make that happen this month. Along the way I've revived Cubius Von Lesbiartus Investigates... and the Principalities. Neither have sustained me far enough to finish the month, but I will not be swayed. I'll revive features until I'm blue in the face if I have to.

So todays revived feature is the 'A Century of Facts in a Century of Days (minus the over a year when there were no facts)' feature. Enjoy:
Fact 41: That first thing I said. About probably not having had a month where I updated livejournal every day and if that isn't a fact enough the bit where I say I'll revive features till I'm blue in the face.

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