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Tatu 10

Mini Reviewness

Posted on 2007.12.18 at 17:54
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Little Mini Reviews of Films I've Seen Lately. Contains Spoilers.

  • Night At The Museum: This is good. I didn't think I was going to like it but it was really good. The only problem was it was from the library and so the disc was rubbish and damaged and I missed a reasonable portion of the film.

  • 23: That's the film where Jim Carrey gets all obsessed with the number 23. It's a good film, and aside from getting me a bit worried about my birthday (it contains the number 23) It was good. The twisty ending was also really good as well.

  • Sunshine: This film is really good until near the end when it goes a bit random. I was expecting something like the Doctor Who episode 42 or something. Rather than just one insane burnt man charging about killing people for no adequately explained reason.

  • 28 Weeks Later: This wasn't anywhere near as good as the original. It took far too long to get going and when it did get going it seemed to be from a stupid load of stupid coincidences that could have been avoided if everyone wasn't so stupid. Also Lost's BAD MICHAEL was in it.

  • Tenacious D in: The Pick of Destiny: Good funny film. Jack Black rules. The DVD rental place was out of DVDs so they got a traded in one and rented me that one. Only it was scratched up and damaged.

  • Deja Vu: This film is great and really clever. I really like the idea, it was cleverly thought through. Plus there was some good actiony bits. Like him chasing after the car in the past.

  • A Scanner Darkly This film was a bit confusing. Mainly because I was having trouble recognising the characters. These people wear like scramblesuits which make them look like other people. Some shots show you the underneath of the scramblesuit and they don't look like they're in a suit they look like they're in a room somewhere. So I thought that there was someone in the suit moving about and that but someone in a room speaking for them for a while. When you have that impression it can be hard to recover from. Best scene is the bike scene.

  • Futurama: Bender's Big Score

  • Shrek 3: I seem to be the only one who liked this film. Everyone else in the house seemed to think that it was rubbish. Okay it obviously wasn't as good as the first two but I still thought it was decently good. I liked the princesses working together and the scene where villains were dropping out of the sky.

  • Evan Almighty Not as good as the first one but a decent film. Notable mainly for: Thou Shalt Do The Dance.

  • Night Watch: Because I'm so awesome at picking films to watch this film which I rented from the rental shop will be on over christmas for anyone to watch, for free. Good or what? Anyway I thought this was a little bit confusementing. It wasn't bad though and I think I'd get more out of it the second time.

  • Kung Fu Hustle: Over the top parody of Kung Fu films. Really funny with a couple of genuine moments of awesome, like the musicians, and the Axe Gang. Once again I think that this is going to be on TV for all to see sometime around Christmas. Anyone got any requests of films they want to see this Christmas? I'm sure if I rent them then they'll be on.

  • V For Vendetta: Already done somewhat of a mini reviewness of this film, so perhaps a mini mini review of this one? Mini Mini Review: Was Good. Needed Lesbians.

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