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Tatu 16

The Real Life Adventures of Cube's Real Life Persona Doing Something In Real Life

Posted on 2007.12.17 at 21:09
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I'm tired. Because I was up all night walking to and fro from busstops. At half three in the morning we ventured out into the world of real life and braved the cold, and the dark, and the christmas decorations. We discovered milkmen and villains driving around in cars, a single blinking Christmas light and a Russian looking woman looking a bit confused. We debated the first name of the elusive Smiley. We didn't run into any wandering minstrels.
Then I came back and watched V For Vendetta. It works better with Valerie as V I reckon. Not just because lesbians are great but also because it just works better that way. Plus I can't fully remember the book but I remember V being killed, people seeing and Evey taking her place. That's the point. That's the whole 'ideas are bulletproof' point. Or at least if I remember correctly it is.
Anyway no midnight lesbians either :(

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