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Tatu 48

Heroes Powerless Against Writers Strike

Posted on 2007.12.11 at 15:47
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I officially don't like the strike now. At first I was all panicked and worried, how is this going to affect my favourite shows, then I kind of calmed down a bit now I'm a bit annoyed. Okay writers protest for your right to have proper payment for what you do for a living but please don't attempt to sabotage your own show in order to get your point across.
The last episode of Heroes was altered in order to make it a proper series finale just before the strike happened and I wish that they hadn't done that as hearing what the original episode would have been it sounds much better. Okay fair enough there was the whole who shot Nathan thing (probably HRG) but the end of the volume would have had the virus escaping and Odessa being quarantined while Nathan collapses onstage from the virus. How awesome would that have been. I wouldn't have cared that it was a cliffhanger, practically every show does cliffhanger endings now. It would have made such a good cliffhanger that the fact that it was a cliffhanger would be irrelevant. I should stop saying the word cliffhanger.

So anyway Hollywood you big stupid place, give your writer's proper money what they deserve and let them fix their shows.

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