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Buffy - Willow and Tara


Posted on 2004.04.24 at 23:30
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Well... This morning I went to see the second part of Kill Bill and it was quite good (needless to say I didn't find it quite as enjoyable as Shaun Of The Dead). I'm going to do a fully in depth review under a nice cut here, so don't read unless you particularly want the film to be spoilt for whatever reason.

My first point is one that probably only applies to a small group of people but is quite annoying anyway. Apparently the script for the second one has been available for some time and people who I know have obtained this script... someone on MSN was calling themselves Beatrix Kiddo for a few months last year and I thought nothing of it... While in the film when it was first mentioned I started to grow paranoid... convinced I should know this name and slightly worried that I was missing out on some important piece of knowledge that I should possess to make the film even better. Then eventually I remembered this MSN name. Well, actually that's the end of that little gripe... it went nowhere I know... but it did annoy me for a while.
Also I didn't have enough for stuff to nibble on, so while I was paying attention to the film more than usual (apart from the bit where I was desperately trying to fasten my fly... don't ask...) I was getting hungry, and had a big bag of crisps when I got home. They were salt and vinegar flavour crisps, which are okay, but infinitely preferable are the new Smoky Bacon flavour that Walkers are doing. The flavour itself is nice... but there seem to be some crisps in each packet that have become so saturated with the flavouring that they have turned orange... these are inevitably the best because they are just like an explosion of flavour... mmm....
Now on to the actual film.
My first actual point is one of the more obvious points... the five step pressure exploding heart technique. Now don't get me wrong... I loved this technique as much as anybody else... Even though I am kind of shaken feeling that someone may one day actually try it on me... (I'm also quite intimidated by that Pei Mei, but that will pass. But from the very moment you found out that she would be trained... didn't it become obvious that she would eventually use the five step pressure exploding heart technique, or whatever it was called... I half expected her to use the leaping on the sword manoeuvre as a counter to the expectation you should be having with the five step thingy.
And speaking of the leaping on the sword bit... wasn't that awesome... that made a great distraction while she was being buried alive... Although the last time we left her somewhere like that... as I remember it it was when she was getting her toes to function... it was done in anime style... I think it would have been good to use this kind of varying in style a little more in the second film.
This film was a lot less violent, but I found that to be okay, as the first film was ridiculously violent... in fact the balance between the traditional Tarantinoesque stuff, such as in Reservoir Dogs, and mindless bloodshed balances out quite well over the two films. My favourite bits in this film were likely to be the section where Beatrix pulls Elles eye out, the story about Pei Mei and the training with Pei Mei.
Also good were the two bits that shocked me in the film... the first being the eye pulling out, and the second, where I almost climbed out of my seat, was the Black Mamba in amongst the money.
Anyway, that's quite enough of my ramblings about the film.

Anyway, tomorrow I intend to go to the video renting place and rent a couple of videos, mainly because I've spent quite a bit of the night cataloguing all the DVDs that are out at the moment that I am ever likely to buy... If you'll hang on a moment I'll calculate how much these purchases will set me back....
And it comes to the grand total of £1744.30 which... buy any reckoning is quite a bit of money just spent on DVDs.... I feel I may have to get a job now... anyway the relevance to renting some videos... is because I want to add a couple more ideas to this, but i'd prefer to watch them first... which means time to watch some videos... starting with Clerks and Chasing Amy... If anyone else can tell me the other films that Jay and Silent Bob are meant to be in, it'd be much appreciated.
So... as you can tell, my weekend thus far has been totally and utterly pointless... just the way i like them.

Also... some quiz.... I love quizzes.
Take the quiz: "The Wildest, Craziest, Most Massive Quiz Ever!"

A Dark Denim Dairy Dog
Omigawd! I survived the biggest, wildest quiz on the internet!
I thought it would never end! Now I am posting this Tongue-Twisting result to dare you to take it.
Can you survive it?

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