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1 Reason Why Videos Are Better Than DVDs.

Posted on 2007.12.04 at 14:14
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This isn't me saying I want to go back to the Video Age. This is just me saying that amongst the many reasons why DVDs are better than Videos there is at least one thing to be said for Videos.
Videos don't prevent us from fastforwarding through the disclaimers and whatever at the start. DVDs at first didn't either but now they're trying to force us to watch the minute or so of boringly worded legal documents that precede any film or TV series. They prevent you from skipping past, forwarding through, even increasing the speed so that it doesn't last quite as long. They prevent you from accessing the menu until they deem you worthy of doing so.
I was just watching the latest Shrek DVD and at the start during the film previews was almost two minutes of blank screen which wouldn't allow me to move on in any way until I'd watched it for the fully alloted legnth of time. DVDs are trying to control us and, screw it, I am saying we should go back to the Video Age! Lets end this tyrannical reign of this evil DVDs which want to waste the precious seconds of our lives. Smash them, burn them, destroy them all!

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