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Tatu 7


Posted on 2007.11.25 at 09:34
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I had a dream that I was back at college and I was taking some form of cooking class, only the class was being taught by Russell Brand so it was far more interesting than a normal cooking class. Afterwards I realised that I had his book and decided to try and get him to sign it for me, whereupon I was catapulted back through time by about four days or so, don't ask me how I know. I was then going to the library to look up Russell's book. Oddly the library was massive and like the Library of the Dark People from The Longest Journey, in that it contained every book ever written. Anyway this was where the dream proceeded to turn into Studio 60. Well more or less the same style as Studio 60, except set in a college and primarily involving me wandering around earwigging into people's conversations trying to find Russell Brand so he could sign my copy of his book. It turns out that Russell was just arriving that day and I ended up following him through half of the college, but wherever I went I was always one step behind.

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