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Buffy - Willow and Tara

Heroes 2x06 - The Line - Review

Posted on 2007.10.30 at 11:23
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Far be it from me to get overexcited and giddy, but... OMG! I am now overexcited and giddy. Peter's gone to the future. To an evacuated New York that looks suspiciously like the one he had his explody dream about. And correspondance with the mysterious Adam Monroe.

No Matt and his evil father this week which was a shame, but I don't mind because instead there was Hiro and Kensei and the aforementioned overexcitedness and giddiness about Peter going into the future. Hiro appears to have broken the past which interesting to say the least. Also interesting is that part of Issac's series of eight involves Hiro fighting Kensei which technically speaking isn't in the future, but in the past.

I reckon Adam is going to take over the role of the next big villain. I know I thought it was Matt's nightmare dad next week but I've changed my mind now. I think Adam must be some kind of power stealer/mimicker. Because Bob was concerned with reference to Adam about Monica keeping her power. He might have been trying to destroy her power to prevent Adam from using it. The only concern with this theory is we do already have Peter and Sylar. We don't necessarily need another stealer/mimicker. If every big villain turns out to be a stealer/mimicker we'll be knee deep in them soon.

Sylar confesses to Alejandro that he's going to kill them and take their power. Not that much of a revelation. I wouldn't expect any less from Sylar.

Anyway it was a great episode and I'm all excited for next week now. Is it too much to hope for for a totally Hiro/Peter/Matt focused episode?

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