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Tatu 2

Dirge of Review

Posted on 2007.01.11 at 01:45
Current Music:: Keane - A Bad Dream
Well. Back I am. Look. Here's me writing things again. Hang on. Just turning off some music. Nice music, but doesn't help with the old concentration business. So yeah here we are, real people out living life, doing things, having experiences. It's all grand ain't it? Well this week my experience have been of the Final Fantasy VII: Dirge of Cerberus flavor, which is an awesome flavor. Riddle me this: would you reckon that a third person shooting game would manage to retain the style and the feel of a classic RPG? I wouldn't really have reckoned it either, but ye gods! you best had start reckoning it because it's true. How it manages this tremendous feat is a mystery to me, probably something to do with levelling up and potions and using potions and magic and whatnot. A great piece of gaming with a classic RPG style complex plot, which I'm probably going to need to sit and think about for a while. All in all: FFVII:DOC = Great.

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