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Buffy - Willow and Tara


Posted on 2004.04.18 at 18:18
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I have nothing better to do at the moment than strange surveys... so here goes... (also pinched from xud)

Fill in this survey and send it to your friends... They will get to learn things about you that they may not know.

Full Name: Sebastian Raziel Payge
Age: 18
Height: Somewhere around 6 ft at last check.
Weight: Dunno.
Shoe Size: Can't Remember
Ethnic Origin: White
Peircings: none
Tattoos: also none.

First person/thing that you think of...
Fancy: Never you mind, in other words theres a good chance she may one day read this.
Hate: David bloody Beckham...
Wealth: 65 pence
Power: Have none.
War: Don't want it.
Jealousy: If wanting stuff counts then practically everything that comes under the heading of Comedy DVDs.
Nightmares: Falling
Anger: Philip (My Friend)
Stupidity: Philip (Same person)
Intelligence: Books? (Took me a good few minutes to think of that.)
Stregnth: Somebody who works out or something.
Peircings: Ouch.
Accent: Scottish
What you can't have: see Fancy
Best Friend: Ego
Person You Miss Talking To: Sammy... Where the hell has he gone... like on holiday or something?
Teacher You Liked: MIss Raoufi
Teacher You Hated: Dave... still do.
Person That Cheers You Up: Nobody... my default state is cheerful.

Say 5...
Things that you are weaing: old t-shirt, pants, boxers, nothing else and no really nothing else.
Things that you can see: Pritt Stick, Theme Hospital Box, Small Egyptian Thingy, Vice City Music CDs, Empty Ink Cartridge
Things that you can hear: Computer, Playstation 2, Boiler... That's all.
Things that you did today: Played PS2, Read Book, Watched TV, Ate Food, Browsed Internet
Things that you'll do tomorrow: Go to college, bewail my lot, silently wish death upon Dave, talk to my friends, get yelled at for really bad coursework.
People who you miss: I'm still in contact with everyone... bar Wayne but he wasn't much in a conversation anyway.
People you have dated: N/A

Did you wake up this morning: I was woken up.
Aren't you employed: Can't be arsed.
Aren't you with the person you like: Geographical and monetary restrictions.
Do you like your favourite music: I just like music.
Do you like your favourite food: Because of it's taste... duh.

What time did you get up: About half ten.
How do you get to school/work: Bus.
Easiest Class: Chemistry... because i've stopped trying.
[misses out two questions to appear better than he is]
Do you play any instruments: I intend to play the guitar one day,
Do you have a crush: No, but I do have somewhat of an infatuation.
Who is your crush: See fancy.
How long have you liked them: Yeah, like I have a grasp of time.
Do you tell your parents everything: Quite a lot but I don't feel the need to tell them the colour of the sky etc.
Do you sleep with a stuffed animal: No.

What Song...
Fits your life at the moment: I dunno.
Makes you want to get up and dance: None.
Makes you cry: Neighbourhood - Vonda Shepard.
Reminds you of someone who died: None.
Has a personal meaning to you: None.
Makes you sleepy: None.

How many, and name them...
People have you loved: Please ignore.
People have you properly kissed: Why do you all torment me so?
Commandments you have broken: Jealousy probably, I once got another glass full of coke when i shouldn't have... and i don't know any others.
Places you have lived: One... and name it? What are you mad?
Countries have you been to: UK, Tunisia, Spain, France
Languages you speak fluently: English and I can count to ten in French if i miss out the more tricky numbers.
People you are talking to right now: Lee (but that conversation is dead.)
Times you have been in a car today: None.
Jobs you have held: None.
Concerts you have planned: Twelve... First I'm going to tour the UK, then everyone's going to follow me across into America for a couple more concerts... as if.

[i'd like to ignore the next section]

Cigarette: Never touched them.
Alcoholic drink: Bacardi Breezer a while back.
Movie Seen At The Cinema: Shaun of The Dead.
Book Read: Robert Rankin - The Antipope.
Movie Rented: I think it was Final Destination 2 like halfway through last year.
TV Programme Watched: On actual TV - Have I Got News For You. On DVD - Coupling.
Time Hugged: Sometime this morning probably.
Time Yelled At: Cannot remember.
Sleep: Last Night.
CD Played: Can't remember... I play from the computer now.
Time Showered: Last night.
Phone Call: Thursday... Idiot Uncle booking plane tickets to France.
Text Recieved: Dating Service... which I totally don't subscribe to.

Man this thing goes on forever.

Opposite sex
Older or younger: Around about the same.
Height: Don't really care.
Weight: Not unnatural.
Looks: Tricky concept... theres people who i find massively attractive who nobody else even notices and some really famous like proper supermodels just look plain and boring to me.
Personality: Sense of humour. Not unnaturally stupid.
Romantic/Hard: I'd say Romantic.
Love/Lust: Love though a bit of lust never did anyone any harm.
Sexy/Cute. Combination if possible.
Do you admit when you really like someone: Yes, always... oh to their face... sometimes.

Alphabet Questions.
Age: 18... check earlier in the thing.
Born where: Manchester.
Chore You hate: All.
Dads Job: Bastard.
Essential Object: Shirt
Favourite Actor/Actress: Bill Bailey and... erm... Jessica Stevenson.
Gold Or Silver: Gold.
Have pets: No.
Improve Your Looks By: Don't.
Job Title: Student.
Kids: None.
Living: Not sure what it's meant to mean but no i'm not one of the zombie undead... in fact I am... People can't hang up on them.
Mums Birthday: Three days before my own.
Number of Siblings: Only child.
Overnight Hospital Stays: Never.
Phobias: Vertigo... if thats a phobia... nothing else has ever come up.
Quotes you like: "Thanks to Captain Wow Here."
Religious: Atheist
Sexual Preference: Women and Lesbians.
Time it is now: 18:18
Unusual Habits: Nope.
Vicious thing you've done: Nope.
Worst Habit: Wittering
X-rays: Teeth once or twice.
Your favourite season: I've not got so bored as to number the seasons of the year in order of preference yet.
Zodiac Sign: Depends upon the newspaper you read, Cancer or Leo... personally I prefer the mixed sign I made up... Lancer! I sound like something right out of a Final Fantasy game. :D

Bigods is it over... Quick put the kettle on, resusitate George and grab that white flag.

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