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Just ordered Final Fantasy VII: Dirge of The Cerebus. Apparently it's been out for a couple of months now and I've been so self involved with sorting out tags and lesbians and whatnot that I've been totally oblivious to it's existence. I'm now wondering whether they've released any other game that I've been waiting for without having the manners to inform me. I'm drawing a blank on what these games might be to be 100% honest but I'm sure theres some out there that I'm waiting for.

So I've just been searching through future releases for the playstation and whatnot. Even checking out all the March 30th games that are coming out (that's all the playstation 3 games by the way. They're all coming out on the same day). So far so good yes? Well thats when I noticed the most ridiculous thing there ever was.

Okay I've said this in the past that some games that come out are totally ridiculous. For example Reservior Dogs. I made a big thing of that when that came out. The Godfather was another. Although I haven't mentioned it on here before I'm deeply disturbed that Lost is going to be made into a game and incredibly disturbed that Desperate Housewives has been. I think. I'm a bit out of the loop now.
But this game makes them all seem sane in comparison. I'd be clamouring for a Desperate Housewives game if this was the other choice. It's astonishing. You will be astonished. For in February amongst the new releases you will have....

Little Britain... the game... *facedesk*

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