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Buffy - Willow and Tara

A year in 500 words... apparently. *Bewildered*

Posted on 2007.01.02 at 11:06
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I didn't plan to bother with this, but thought why not, after all George Foreman has no fingerprints and he still bothers with things.

January 3rd: I was looking forward to Ross Noble and Terri Psiakis joining forces once again and looking for Cats.
January 3rd Again: Now I've been accosted by a monk in the street who wanted me to buy Monk-Rock. Like Punk-Rock.
January 4th: Managed to break, in stupid circumstances, almost everything I own. I still need a new radio from this incident
January 9th: I didn't know how time differences work, and I still don't.
January 17th: My computer was off being updated and I spent the best part of a day writing an update using my psp that nobody would ever see.

Febuary 5th: Been to see Little Britain Live, it was okay

March 29th: I got tickets for Ross Noble. In the front row!

April 23rd: Ricky Gervais ruined the Simpsons
April 24th: I went typing crazy!

May 23rd: I venture out into the world and learn how to recycle dustbins into daleks. Seriously.

June 13th: Gas leak... Lovely.
June 17th: Worst Doctor Who ever!
June 22nd: For the second time in my livejournal career (probably happened more times throughout my life) I am in great pain because of shampoo. Seriously.

July 1st: Cybermen + Daleks = Me watching a tape of Doctor Who all week long.
July 23rd: Birthday: My age increased again!

August 20th: I've started listening to Russell Brand and am heading off to see Snakes On A Plane
August 22nd: I like Snakes On A Plane and score it out of ten
August 30th: I am forced back into the hospital for more blood tests, luckily they didn't keep me in for no reason whatsoever
August 30th: This rambling story of randomness is the result of having joined Myspace.
August 31st: A Fact A Day Keeps The Doctor Away... (I start doing the facts thing)

September 2nd: Someone tries to take blood from me and thinks I play the guitar. Seriously.
September 8th: Bought tickets for Russell Brand in Febuarytime. Can't wait!
September 25th: Most uninspired fact that there ever was.

October 7th: Computer broke. I'm still waiting on a proper replacement graphics card.
October 14th: My internet developed some kind of duck psychosis
October 15th: So starts the action packed week, wherein I meet Chris Moyles, Ross Noble and go onto Russell Brand's radio show.
October 16th: Detailing my meeting with Chris Moyles. Also My Chemical Romance has a number 1 single. Awesomeness is rampant.
October 20th: I meet with Ross Noble and participate heavily in a show. I headbutt an owl.
October 22nd: I go on Russell Brand's radio show with about 26 other people. I throw fudge around. I get photos of me with Trevor and one of me kissing Russell on the cheek.

November 14th: I am on Ross Noble's DVD!

December 28th: Christmas was had.

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