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No Face

New Year Nonsense

Posted on 2006.12.31 at 11:53
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So New Year is almost upon us, that time of year when we have a new one. Apparently this new year will go by the unimaginative title of 2007. I'm sure we can do better than that. What about Year of the Therapeutic Crab or something.

Anyway besides the dull name of the year what else can we look forward to? Aging? Turning into insects? Buying overpriced housing in underdeveloped areas? The inevitable decay of chocolate everywhere? To be honest, I don't really know. I'm not some all seeing oracle, you can see all and all that. If I was I'd bet on a winner and be living in Barbados before you could even say "Hey, all seeing oracle could you come over here and see something for me?". Then I wouldn't hear you, because I'd be in Barbados. I suppose I could see you though. So whatever. It's all relative you know. What goes around comes around and vice versa.

Anyway see you tomorrow in a whole different year with a whole different range of emotions and chicken. Bye!

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