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Tatu 31

Christmas DVD Watch Begins!

Posted on 2006.12.10 at 21:17
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Sorry about the distinct lack of Christmas style stories.

Here's a story. Three men are shrunk down to the size of ants and live in a tiny house on a paperclip. One day the first man, called Troy heads out of the house and walks off the paperclip and onto a sheaf of papers. He begins to read these papers. It's a hard task as the papers are so big and cumbersome, but eventually after a day or so of papertrekking he has read the documents. He returns to his housemates Philip and Onangawell and tells them that they are top secret documents detailling the existence of extra terrestrial life. They decide to leave the sheaf of papers that they've called home for over a month and go and search for this extra terrestrial life. So they climb down from the paperclip, climb off the papers and make their way onto the table. The table with it's grand vistas and exotic views of pencils, papers and a machine known only as Computer Mountain. They head towards this mountain and using a technique Onangawell has perfected (because he's often bored, there isn't much to do when you are this small) they pushed the mouse off the table and climbed down the miles of wire that lead to the floor. They head along the nicely carpeted room searching for someway out into the vast wide world, when the door opens a giant man steps in and treads on them all. Unfortunately Onangawell isn't crushed immediately and as he lies there, bleeding to death on the floor he remembers all the stupid and reckless decisions that had brought him to this junction in life. It's now that he notices that Troy's pocket has started to glow red and vibrate. Curious, despite the massive blood loss he crawls over to Troy and pulls from his pocket a glowing red marble. Suddenly the entire world seems to swirl around him, with some pretty swish special effects that would cost a bit of money to produce. Before he knows what's going on he finds that breathing is easier, that his bones are less broken that blood isn't pouring from his body all over the place. He looks around and sees he's outside, and regular size again. He's stood in front of a building as well. A very foreboding building. A veritable skyscraper. The building is the headquarters of the 'Shrin King Yuu Company' Owned by Sir Trevor Shrin, Don King and Yakashimataka Yuu. It was here that whatever this guys stupid name was took a job and several years later he found himself shrunk and living in a paperclip house. He thinks to himself. Amazed that he's been given this second chance to come back and solve his mistakes. He declares that he will not join this company to the world at large and not taking his eyes from the stupidly named company he walks off. Straight into the path of a car. Poor Onangawell.

Okay so anyway. I'm going to start my yearly ritual of a film a day tomorrow by watching The Corpse Bride. Expect no updates as I'm probably going to be busy. I just updated now as I've an hour before Lost and I can't be bothered beginning anything.

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