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Tatu 3

I Need A Better Name Than Action Packed Week (Part 2)

Posted on 2006.10.16 at 20:11
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So been to see Chris Moyles at his book signing today. Got my book signed, told him he was great on X Factor and offered to go to New York as a replacement for Comedy Dave "I'm defensive, not very funny and terrible at maths... so I'd be perfect." He laughed. Also got a photograph. And he liked my My Chemical Romance shirt and commented at how great it is that they've got to number one with their new single Welcome To The Black Parade (which I didn't know) so thats awesome as well.

Also yesterday I got an official email from the Russell Brand radio show officially telling me to come down and be an official part of the show. Telling me how to get officially past the guards and everything. So that's totally awesome. I'm going to be a nervous wreck but it's going to be great to come into real life contact with Russell, Matt and Trevor 'Eat your fudge' Lock.

So there. More updates tomorrow when I've watched all the Ross Noble dvds I own in a bid to get ready for the next event. By the by Chris Moyles' book is good and should be bought forthwith.

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