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Doctor Who - Asylum of the Daleks

I know I normally only dig this thing out so I can bitch and moan about Doctor Who episodes that I hate, and that this probably looks like I'm about to launch into a massive spiel about how awful it was and blah blah blah. Actually the episode wasn't terrible. It wasn't fantastic either but it was okay.

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Buffy - Willow and Tara

Lazy Sunday Thoughts

You know what I wonder, I wonder why a Lazy Susan is called a Lazy Susan. If you are not familiar with the gently spinning surface upon which foodstuffs can be placed and spun around very slowly then this entry won't make a whole heap of sense for you, except hey I guess I just neatly summarised the concept of a Lazy Susan for you so you can sit back relax and enjoy the rest of this well thought through analysis of the name Lazy Susan.

For the moment lets just ignore that the inanimate object is called Susan, that is perhaps an issue for another time, for today I think we can focus on the notion that it is lazy. This is unfair and tantamount to bullying. In terms of surfaces on which you can place food it is quite energetic. Seriously. Think about it, in this incredibly narrow category the only competition it has is from tables. While the gentle turn of a Lazy Susan could not profess to be very lively when compared to an Ariel Atom (by the way I watch Top Gear now so expect random references to cars now and again) when compared to an inanimate object it cannot help but come off as somewhat vigorous. And anyway who would want to put their food on a Brisk Susan? One that spins around so fast that anything placed upon it is flung off into the face of the person who wishes to eat it, probably precipitating some king of Brisk Susan aided food fight.
Buffy - Willow and Tara

PopCo Is A Book I Am Reading

I am almost at the end of PopCo and I feel that my experience with this book could neatly be summed up in one sentence, as could the events that have occured so far in the book. By the way that sentence that you just read, that was the sentence I was talking about. Put in a less confusing manner: nothing seems to have really happened so far in this book. A coded message here, the main character catches a cold and as a child has to try and fit in in high school but very little of any note. I'm not sure whether there is just not much happening or whether I'm missing the point? Although come to think of it, it's the former.

I will definately make the effort to finish it off though, because I am like fifty pages from the 'thrilling conclusion' whatever that turns out to be and I guess I am stubborn like that. Then I can read the Jasper Fforde books that turned up today. Amazon really can be ridiculously fast when it wants to be can't it?
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Castle 3x17 - Countdown - Review

You know I'm just waiting until a show calls one of it's episodes Review and then I'll be like:

A Show 4x13 - Review - Review.

Or even until a show called Review starts up and then I'll be all like:

Review 6x12 - Review - Review.

Or when we start using the word review instead of numbers and then well you can pretty much tell which dead end alley I am headed down with this incredibly pointless line of thought. In other news I have come here to review the latest episode of Castle.

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A Take That Against News Media Everywhere!

Guess what I've decided to do even if it kills me? Well actually from your perspective guessing really isn't necessary because the answer is update my damn dreamwidth/livejournal thing. And if you can see this then I guess I've already done it, even if it did kill me, and so there's little point in guessing what might happen when that thing has already happened. Also if it turns out that this is simply too much for me to handle then you'll never see it and never be invited to speculate on what I am going to have already done. Okay now that incredibly confusing treatise on the nature of guessing and the past is complete I suppose I will just have to come up with some clever things to say about the world and then I can sod off to bed.

So things that have happened in the world. If I was more politically minded I would have heaps of material to blather on about with regards to the situation wherein all the countries in Africa seem to be rebelling all at once. As I am a more self-involved individual I will instead regale you with stories about my own personal rebellion against the man. Specifically my own miniature thought rebellions against the BBC news. I have this thing wherein while watching the news and being told that people are terrorists or such a person is guilty of a crime of some description I instinctively think that the news is trying to bias brainwash us into believing these things and call in to question their basis in fact. I am such a rebel yes anyway. I don't know why I do this but it seems the more I am told a thing the more I come to suspect the opposite is true. I guess I suppose the news will probably take advantage of this fact now that I have put it out there and start telling us what has really happened so that those of us who are paranoid, I mean have enquiring minds, will believe the opposite; i.e. what they wanted us to think all along. By that point in time it will no longer be safe to believe anything is true any more and I will take refuge inside a cardboard box while cardboard angels rain chocolate apocalypse down upon us.

I guess that despite my whole 'i am so self involved' thing that was actually pretty political, right up until the whole chocolate apocalypse thing. I don't even know how that would work. Perhaps like how easter is celebrated with chocolate eggs (for some reason i don't understand but equally don't complain about) the chocolate apocalypse will probably be celebrated with little chocolate nukes. Or something. I don't know. I am tired and I think I might be coming down with a cold.
Buffy - Willow and Tara

Dead Rising is Hard, I am Once Again Late to the Party

While I am well aware I may be speaking too soon I believe that after having managed to drag four survivors across a zombie infested courtyard, one of whom cannot walk, while convicts in a jeep shoot at me, and having all the survivors come out of the ordeal relatively unscathed I feel I may have already completed the hardest part of the Saint achievement in Dead Rising (the original). Fucking convicts.