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Buffy - Willow and Tara

Dexter 6x01 - Those Kind of Things - Review

Posted on 2011.10.03 at 13:20
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Hey look I guess it is review season again. I don't think I'm going to review everything in the world this time, but Dexter is a special exception because seriously <3 Dexter.

Reviewtimes are here again!Collapse )

Big Bang - Sheldon

New Years Resolutions

Posted on 2009.01.04 at 20:46
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1. Read More Books
2. Write More Reviews

As you can see I've already started writing more reviews, having already reviewed a book, a film and a game in the space of just one day. I also have a review of that new program starring Philip Glennister and Mackenzie Crook to write. The short version, which will do for the now, is that it was good. In terms of the new years resolution of reading more books, well when I thought up that resolution I thought it was going to be easy. After all I could only remember reading one book last year so reading more was going to be a breeze. I'd already read one book so far! However I later remembered I read all those Dexter books. So technically I need to read five books this year in order to win that resolution. Then again do people really win resolutions? In fact at the end of the year does anyone ever look back and see if they have kept their resolution? No! In that case my third resolution is to throw a watermelon to the moon. I'll never do it but I'll probably never think about it again, so who cares?

Dexter Morgan

Dexter 3x12 - Do You Take Dexter Morgan? - Review

Posted on 2008.12.15 at 19:12
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Season Finale!Collapse )

Dexter Morgan

Dexter 3x11 - I Had A Dream - Review

Posted on 2008.12.08 at 15:22
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I Had A Blueberry ShortcakeCollapse )

Dexter Morgan

Dexter 3x10 - Go Your Own Way - Review

Posted on 2008.12.01 at 13:50
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This episode makes me sing 'Go Your Own Way' by Fleetwood MacCollapse )

Dexter Morgan

Dexter 3x09 - About Last Night - Review

Posted on 2008.11.24 at 22:01
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Shock!Collapse )

Buffy - Willow and Tara

Bones 4x10 - The Passenger In The Oven - Review

Posted on 2008.11.20 at 11:21
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I ate a Blueberry Shortcake and I liked it. The taste of it's blueberry chapstick...Collapse )

Dexter Morgan

Dexter 3x08 - The Damage A Man Can Do - Review

Posted on 2008.11.17 at 14:27
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A Blueberry Beret. The kind you find in a Shortcake Store.Collapse )

Dexter Morgan

Dexter 3x07 - Easy As Pie - Review

Posted on 2008.11.10 at 13:47
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Easy as Blueberry Shortcake?Collapse )

Dexter Morgan

Dexter 3x06 - Si Su Puede - Review

Posted on 2008.11.03 at 19:09
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I don't know about you but I'd KILL for a blueberry shortcake.Collapse )

Dexter Morgan

Dexter 3x05 – Turning Biminese – Review

Posted on 2008.10.27 at 14:41
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It’s a review!Collapse )

Dexter Morgan

Dexter 3x04 - All In The Family - Review

Posted on 2008.10.20 at 18:34
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It's the review 'the man' doesn't want you to know about. This review will blow the whole thing wide open. Nothing's ever gonna be the same again or your money back.Collapse )

Pick 10 characters from whatever fandoms you like -- and pick LJ usernames for them. Don't peek at the questions until you've made your list!

1. Temperance Brennan (Bones) username="tbrennan"
2. Lorne (Angel) username="caritas"
3. Chuck Bartowski (Chuck) username="intersectblog"
4. Dexter Morgan (Dexter) username="dextermorgan"
5. Spike (Buffy The Vampire Slayer) username="thebigbad"
6. Ned (Pushing Daisies) username="thepiemaker"
7. Sam Winchester (Supernatural) username="familybusiness"
8. Janitor (scrubs) username="thetormentor"
9. Veronica Mars (Veronica Mars) username="marsinvestigations"
10. Hiro Nakamura (Heroes) username="superhiro"

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Buffy - Willow and Tara

Dexter 3x03 - The Lion Sleeps Tonight - Review

Posted on 2008.10.13 at 19:25
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A review? How characteristically uncharacteristic of me!Collapse )

Buffy - Spike


Posted on 2008.10.12 at 02:42
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Instructions: List 10 different fictional characters from any fandom/s you like, number them 1 to 10 in any order you like, and don't peek at the questions until you're done. Then, answer the following questions.

1. Janitor [scrubs]
2. Dr. Gregory House [House]
3. Hiro Nakamura [Heroes]
4. Jayne [Firefly]
5. Lorne [Angel]
6. Spike [Buffy The Vampire Slayer]
7. Emerson Cod [Pushing Daisies]
8. Dexter Morgan [Dexter]
9. Donna Noble [Doctor Who]
10. John Locke [Lost]

I Cut Because I Care. Plus It Relieves Stress.Collapse )

Buffy - Willow and Tara

Dexter 3x02 - Finding Freebo - Review

Posted on 2008.10.06 at 13:52
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I bet people who haven't seen any of the programs I review but who like to read my journal must be getting pretty frustrated with me by now. It's all review this and review that. I bet they wish I'd just spout some rubbish about lesbians again. You know, good wholesome fun that everyone can enjoy. Well screw you hippies!Collapse )

Tatu - Lena 2

Post 1000 Part 1!

Posted on 2008.10.03 at 04:30
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Hello and welcome to my 1000th post in Livejournal. I've decided to really do something special for this occasion and the first thing that came to mind (that didn’t require too much hard work) was to finally do something I promised a long time ago. When I stumbled across the Writer’s Block I promised that one day I would go through their backcatalogue and answer all of the questions. Well here I am almost a year later and I’ve finally done it.

I’m really pleased to still be going with Livejournal after such a long time and hope to keep going for a 1000 more entries. Although don’t expect me to do anything near this lengthy next time. I drove myself to the brink of insomnia writing this.

TEMPORAL INFORMATION: This entry was written in the past so don’t be confused if there are some references to things which have already happened or haven’t happened or whatever.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Oh and by the way this post is so big that it has to be split into two posts. So you know. Good luck with reading it and all that.

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Heroes - Sylar 3

Oracle of the Months - October

Posted on 2008.10.01 at 22:36
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Here I am again with that feature wherein I have decided that the names of months are boring and would be improved by giving them all ridiculous and whimsical names instead. So for this month I decided to go with a serial killer theme and I considered Sylember (after Sylar from Heroes) for a while (five minutes at most) before realising my other option wasn't only a pop-culture reference to serial killers but a clever pun as well. So ladies and gentlemen, one and all, I'd like to welcome you to... Dexember.

Buffy - Willow and Tara

Dexter 3x01 - Our Father - Review

Posted on 2008.09.29 at 13:52
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The first part of the review is spoiler free. Unless you consider a couple of example of things that didn't happen and my expectations based on what I accidentally read on the internet a spoiler.Collapse )


New Series Time In Americaland

Posted on 2008.09.16 at 18:54
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I love Buffy and Angel and Firefly and Veronica Mars and all of that but today I'm especially glad that I'm up to date on one TV show that is currently airing. This TV show is of course everyone's favourite doctor: House. Because today House returns for it's fifth series and the first one I'll have seen live. Excitement and anticipation are most definately in the air. It's New Series time in Americaland and over the next few weeks I can look forward to the following exciting new series: Supernatural, Heroes, Dexter, Chuck (isn't it weird how most of my favourite programs have one word names?), Pushing Daisies and Dirty Sexy Money.

Anyway to celebrate the new series of House I answered some questions as to who my favourite characters were and all that kind of thing. It was brilliant. Well not brilliant but alright. Mildly entertaining. Okay it was an awful terrible thing and if I ever see it again I will hunt it down and murder it. Anyway exciting things are happening in Veronica Mars and if I don't go and watch it then it will have been all for naught.

Lost - Locke

Writer's Block: On Character Preferences

Posted on 2008.07.17 at 11:35
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Who is your favorite fictional character? Why do you love them? What fictional character bugs you?

Tough one. I wouldn't know about an overall favourite character but name a TV show and I'll tell you my favourite character on that show. However the flaw in this plan is that you're just a writer's block question and you would have a hard time naming TV shows. So I'll just have to do it myself. Lost: Locke, Heroes: Hiro, House: House, Dexter: Dexter. So although I haven't gone all the way through the list so far I'm sensing a pattern emerge. I like characters whose name is the same or very similar to the title of the show. Lets see if this trend continues (hint: it won't.) Firefly: Jayne, Scrubs: Janitor, Chuck: Casey, Dead Like Me: Mason, Hyperdrive: Officer York, The OC: Seth, Reaper: Sock, Futurama: Zoidberg. The list goes on and on, and possibly another on but that's the last on. There's no more ons after that.

This has been a good question I think. I've not done a particuarly good answer but the answer I've done has made me realise something. My favourite characters are typically secondary characters who provide comedy. (Of course Locke isn't a secondary comedic character but I also like Hurley and he fits the description perfectly.) So there you go. I didn't expect to actually learn something from Writer's Block. However the tiny glimmers of respect I might have accrued for Writer's Block from this question quickly evaporate when I realise how obvious this gained knowledge must have been, and that there's nothing I can actually do with the knowledge I have gained.

Buffy - Willow and Tara

Writer's Block: Caring

Posted on 2008.07.04 at 11:41
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Who do you care about most in your life?

Didn't we have this one the other day? I'm sure we did because I started wiffling on about vans. Wiffling isn't even a real word but that's the reaction it provoked and so I wasn't going to argue semantics with myself. Anyway how can things be post-modern that's what I want to know. As far as I understand language post means after (it also means a post but that's beside the point) and modern means now. So post-modern things are from the future. Pretty cool when you think about it. You know how in the past there were all these ages: like the Iron Age, the Bronze Age, the Middle Age. Etcetera. Do you reckon that at some point in the future we'll get to the Post-Modern Age? What age are we in now anyway? I hear from some people that it's the Information Age, others that it's the Computer Age. Further people try to tell me it's the Modern Age. Kaiser Chiefs had that song The Modern Way. I reckon it's probably something to do with that. In the music video of that they sat about in big tennis ball shaped chairs that dangled from the ceiling. I think they did anyway. Judging from what I've just written that might have been an elaborate dream. I had a dream the other night that I was House and there was some kind of virus going around that everyone was getting. Wilson was, for some reason, trying to talk me into catching the illness to be sociable.

Anyway Haze is good, although I'm now up to the obligatory escort mission and the thing I have to escort is a massive missile going at like one mile an hour. Escort missions make me want to go and do something else. Luckily for me it's time to go and do something else. Lunchtime and time for Dexter.

So this week there's been Harry Hill and Brothers and Sisters. There's going to be Skins, Bionic Woman, Dirty Sexy Money, Reaper, Dexter and Torchwood. And apparently Doctor Who is starting up again on Saturday. Although Catherine Tate is back which is like the largest tragedy since the HMS Titanic decided against iceberg insurance. I'd be more willing to accept Amy Winehouse as his the companion than bloody Catherine Tate. Actually I'd be quite willing to accept Amy as his new companion now that I've managed to stop thinking about her as a person and more as a sexy woman with a couple of ignorable problems. Anyway back to TV; next week Pushing Daisies starts. I have no idea what it's about but I have heard good things so I'm willing to give it a try. And apparently My Name Is Earl has already started the third series.

So the point is... I don't really have a point but there is a lot of TV on at the moment and I intend to watch it all. Oh and Easter Eggs are super cheap now. And did you know if you say Easter with a strange almost incomprehensible accent it sounds like oyster. Next year I'm getting chocolate oysters for all my friends.

Okay so here we go then. The subject of this week's random review is Peuerbach. I know. I had no idea what it was either. My first guess was some kind of insanely powerful composer, like a superhero but he composes songs as well (by the way I'm reading Peuer as Power because I have no comedy that can be made out of Peuer).

Anyway did you see Dirty Sexy Money on Friday. That was good wasn't it? I think I'm naturally inclined to like the show even without prompting, because Nate off of Six Feet Under is in it. But I'd like it anyway as it looks like it's going to be very good. The Six Feet Under cast are doing well at the moment. Nate (Peter Krause) has Dirty Sexy Money, David (Michael C Hall) has Dexter and Claire (Lauren Ambrose) has the Return of Jezebel Jones (which I'm not sure what it is (I never saw the original Jezebel Jones) but it's just started in America and it's got Lauren Ambrose in it so it must be good). Anyway that's nothing to do with Peuerbach so if you were trying to work out how this applied to Peuerbach stop now before you give yourself a brain death.

Anyway Peuerbach is a place in Austria or somewhere. The wikipedia article is very informative and even has a picture of the town.

Review continues (continue being used in a broad sense here as no actual reviewing has taken place thus far) inside.Collapse )

Tatu 40

Episode 711: Cube Angers An Amoeba

Posted on 2008.03.06 at 11:26
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Just finished Devil May Cry 4. Well just finished it last night actually. Now there's a good game. Unfortunately I was so engrossed in it that I forgot to tape Dexter and now need to wait till Friday night in order to watch it. Assuming that the one buried in the depths of ITV4 is a repeat of this weeks. For all I know it could be a random episode.

Anyway so I'm not going to anger an amoeba. I wouldn't know how. Amoebas are generally quite placid. It's not often you see amoebas getting into a barroom brawl or starting a war or anything. I think we could all learn a lesson from the noble amoeba (that's not the amoeba version of Ross Noble by the way (although that would be awesome)). That lesson would inevitably be how to reproduce asexually because you know what people are like but nevermind. We could at least pretend that we wanted to learn how to live in peace with one another and all that jazz.

Tatu 32

Writer's Block: Work & Self-Worth

Posted on 2008.03.05 at 12:04
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Does your current occupation affect your self-worth?

Nope. Because I don't have a current occupation so my self-worth would have a hard time being affected by it. So seeing as that question is about as relevant to me as the stars in the sky are to one of those fish that has a light attached to them and lives right at the bottom of the ocean, I'm going to talk about something else now. Okay so last week I was playing the Lost game. It was dreadful but there is a chance that they could have done a good game with Lost. It could have been about exploring the island and all that kind of thing; rather than being about nothing, which the game inevitably was.
Now I've talked about games that really shouldn't exist before like the Desperate Housewives game, the Little Britain game, the Reservoir Dogs game and so on. But now you can chalk up two more to that list. Two of the most ridiculous concepts in gaming history. Firstly Dexter: The Game. As in the TV show. No! Bad developers! And secondly if that wasn't a ridiculous enough concept for you then strap yourself in for this one. This really is about as ridiculous as it gets. Saw: The Game. Yeah really. Those films where people are kidnapped and placed into traps from which they must save themselves and all under the pretext of making them appreciate life. There's nothing there that can translate into a game. Not a single thing. Sometimes you have to wonder if game producers are made from solidified stupidity.

Tatu 27

Writer's Block: That's the Worst

Posted on 2008.02.28 at 12:42
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What's the worst thing that could happen to you today? Bonus question: How would that thing potentially benefit you?

Technically speaking the worst thing that could happen to me today would be I could die. I'd be hard pressed to think of something worse than that. It could potentially benefit me by giving me one less thing to worry about. A good few less things to worry about actually. I'm getting a bit bored of giving this answer though. Yeah I know it's good because it shows how much I've accepted that death is a part of life and all that. And it's good that I'm dealing with it in a sensible manner. But I'm a bit bored of it now.

So to change my answer the worst thing that could happen to me today is that my PSP runs out of power while I'm playing Me & My Katamari. However that could benefit me by making me go and do something more productive with my time. See. There we are. An answer with no overtones of death. Anyway in short: Dexter is great. If at this very moment a DVD boxset (that wasn't Region 1) was available I would buy it, just on the stregnth of the first episode.

Lily Allen

The Exciting Adventures of One Man Watching TV

Posted on 2008.02.13 at 11:34
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Okay so I know I said I was going to watch Lily Allen while simultaneously posting on here about it. But I'd just woken up and it seemed such an effort so I'll just tell you what I thought of it in complete cogent sentences. It's probably preferable in the long run.

If you want me to like a program, one thing that will probably sway me in that general direction is David Mitchell. Well not just David Mitchell I mean if Ross Noble, or Russell Brand or generally anyone who I like and who is funny were on a program it would occassion me to like it more. For example Skins. I wouldn't have bothered until I found out that Bill Bailey was going to be in it and then I went back and watched the entire first series just so I could catch up on it. Incidentally I like Skins now, just for anyone keeping some kind of insane checklist of programs that I watch, oh and when Dexter starts on ITV then I'll be watching that as well. Partially because of Michael C Hall (David off of Six Feet Under) but also partially because it sounds like a great concept.

Anyway getting back to the topic at hand Lily was looking nice which is a definate positive. Apparently some of her friends walked out because they were bored. I don't think this has anything to do with the show in of itself. I'm wagering that these are people who've never been in a live studio audience before and didn't realise it was going to take a long time (admittedly I've never been in a live studio audience either but I've at least thought about what it would be like). TV manipulates us you know. Everything looks like it's all connected together smoothly but it's all been edited together in reality to make it fit into the timeframe needed and to get rid of any parts which were a little sketchy. Overall the show seemed pretty good in my opinion. Reasonably funny (despite the videos of animals having sex and a man doing insane things with his lips), and I'm sure most people expected her to be singing (although strangely enough this never occurred to me) but I thought it was good and I will probably watch it again next week.