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Tatu 5

A Century Of Facts in A Centuryish of Days - 57

Posted on 2008.01.09 at 11:53
Current Music:: Panic! At The Disco - There's A Good Reason These Tables Are Numbered Honey, You Just Haven't Though
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Fact 57: I don’t like Halloween and routinely pretend there is nobody in the house, even though nobody ever comes trick or treating.

Despite that it isn't Halloween and it isn't even anywhere near Halloween this is still true so it can still be said. There's no law about talking about events which aren't occuring at the moment you know. If you want you could wander around going on about Christmas all year long. Although people probably wouldn't like you for it they couldn't have you arrested or anything, unless you were stalking them or something. So the lesson is don't stalk people.
Anyway the point was that I don't like Halloween and actually now I think about it I should probably add an addendum to the previous lesson. You're probably not allowed to trick or treat on any night other than Halloween. Although you can talk about it if you want. Talk about Halloween, not talk about trick or treating. That might be slightly illegal. I think. Possibly. Oh just do what you want. I don't care anyway. Don't blame me if the Halloween Police come and arrest you.

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